The #1 Name for In-Vessel Composting

Let the revolutionary BIOvatorTM in-vessel composter put control of organic waste and mortality management back into your hands.

Since its introduction to the market in 2004, the BIOvatorTM in-vessel composter has become a widely recognized product of choice for organic waste and animal mortality management. For good reason: incineration is costly and high-maintenance, rendering carries environmental and regulatory risk, and compost buildings require intensive labour and use of space.

The BIOvatorTM provides a cost-efficient and environmentally sound solution to organic waste management, and virtually eliminates biosecurity risks of mortality management and reduces many of the concerns associated with more traditional methods of disposal.

BIOvatorTM – the only name you want

The BIOvatorTM is the only all-steel, in-vessel composter on the market in successful operation in more than 150 locations throughout Canada and the US. Free of any plastic drum material that can warp and wear, choose the tested and proven steel BIOvatorTM for unmatched durability and function.