The BIOvatorTM is a patented all-steel design, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. An ideal combination of carbon and stainless steel make it a durable and affordable investment.

Our current BIOvatorTM models have the capacity to handle up to 500 lbs. of organic waste or mortality per day, requiring only .05 ft3 of shavings per each pound of waste. This amounts to approximately 3,500 lbs. per week, or 182,000 lbs. of organic waste per year. And with the option of having multiple units on a site, our BIOvatorTM models can handle any amount of organic waste.

  • 3 ft diameter x 8-16 ft long insulated vessel with stainless steel shell
  • 4 ft diameter x 30-42 ft long insulated vessel with stainless steel shell, other sizes available.
  • 5.5 ft diameter x 44 ft long insulated vessel with stainless steel shell and Stainless Steel inner drum
  • Two loading doors 7.5’ x 2’, inspection openings and one 18” discharge opening.
  • Stainless steel paddles mounted on the inside vessel walls.
  • Galvanized steel skid, with heavy-duty nylon rollers supporting the vessel.
  • Driving system: 1 hp motor – 110 V, 2 gear boxes, heavy duty bearing, sprocket and chain. 220 V available
  • Stainless Steel inner drum option available
  • Remote Controlled hydraulic door option  4′ and 5.5′ units
  • Bone screener option