The BIOvatorTM was the brainchild of the R&D staff of a large Southeastern Manitoba livestock integrator. Mortality disposal has always been a challenge for livestock producers, and rendering has historically been the option of choice. With bio-security issues on the rise and the cost of transport becoming an economic issue, the integrator set out to find an alternative.

At the time there were three options other than rendering to consider. These three options were: Burial, Incineration and Cell Composters. Burial was not practical due to the size of their operations and the hard ground experienced in winter. Incineration was not considered because of the on going costs and maintenance concerns. They started to use four celled compost bunkers. Although cell composting worked, it was felt there must be a better way.

In January 2001 a project began to find a cost effective, technically sound and user friendly system for composting. The result was the BIOvatorTM.

The BIOvatorTM was developed after extensive research and development work that was conducted. The main objective of the R&D work was to “development of a cost-effective alternative to the outdoor composting process”. A variety of different drum materials and sizes were tested over a two year period with the product of choice being a 4’ diameter all steel vessel. The 4’ diameter provided the most uniform product mix resulting in a preferred end product, and the all steel construction was chosen for its superior durability and integrity.

The BIOvatorTM is a combination of a device and process, targeting the quickest transformation of animal carcasses into consistent – quality compost at the lowest possible cost and management effort.

With its successful implementation into the production system, the BIOvatorTM was introduced to the market in 2004. In 2005, the BIOvatorTM was successfully introduced into the poultry industry, and the slaughterhouse industry shortly after. BIOvatorTM has undergone continual testing in various organic disposal markets, and is currently being employed in the agricultural, municipal and industrial markets to handle organic wastes of all nature.
Nioex Systems Inc. acquired the rights to the BIOvatorTM products in October 2008 to be their flagship product in their pursuit to provide environmentally and socially acceptable solutions to the organic waste industries.


Today Nioex continues to R&D and develop the product. During the past number of years, a variety of in-vessel composter sizes have been made available to suit all applications. In 2017 Nioex added the remote-control hydraulic door to it’s BIOvatorTM offering. 2019 the BIO5544 was introduced, this is a large capacity in-vessel composter to suit large operations that comes standard with remote control hydraulic door, stainless-steel inner drum and stainless-steel shell. This unit as its predecessors has the most robust drum, frame and drive system offered.


Today BIOvatorTM is owned by a company with more than 40 years of experience in the metal fabrication industry. The R&D, design and manufacturing is all in-house, within our group we more than 15 engineers and designers.